My Creative Works.

When I’m not busy researching a topic for a class or writing a paper, I can usually be found writing something a little sillier. My favorite genres to explore include fantasy and comedy.

Laz’s Day Off.

Today I’m not doing anything! Lazarus rolled over onto his back and wiggled so that the fresh spring grass scratched his back. His tongued lolled in pleasure as he took in the beautiful day happening in his back yard. The sun was shining, but not too hot. The breeze was light and flirty; it carried interesting smells over the white picket fence that kept him from leaving without his leash. His humans were planting some sort of flower that he didn’t know, but that added a sweetness to the air that he enjoyed. Amanda wore a sunhat over her pale hair and Carrie wore thick gloves over her brown hands. He always kept an eye on his ladies, because he was the dog of the house. It was his job. Today, all was right in his world.

            That is, until his worst enemy stuck its loathsome face up above the fence! The neighbors had a gray tabby cat that Laz swore was out to end the world. Its green tilted eyes were cold, empty, and blank. He didn’t trust the cat. He rolled over fast enough that his curly paws got tangled in one another and he ended up on his face. He gave a slight oomph, then got to his feet and trotted over to engage the enemy.

            “What are you doing here, cat?” he demanded. That cat knew it had no business in his yard and he was going to remind it. The cat made no answer, but sat on the top of the fence. Its tiny ash colored paws held it in place while it balanced on what seemed like a strip of wood too slim to even stand on. But that’s cats for you, unnatural beasts. Laz side eyed the devil creature, but its only response was to stick one back paw in the air and delicately scratched behind one ear. Eventually, it put the offending paw away with that same air of slowness that made Laz so mad. Silly cat, doesn’t it know I have something better to do than fool with it?

            The cat blinked with that infuriating lack of speed and said, “Hello, Lazarus. What a beautiful day! Why can’t we sit here in the sunshine and enjoy it together?” The cat was setting him up. He knew it. Laz had been fooled by this tomfoolery when he was a pup, but he wasn’t one anymore. He knew better than to believe this fake friendliness now! A cat will rub up against you and meow for attention, then when they have it- BAM- they hiss and scratch and streak away to avoid your retaliation. Laz had no intention of entertaining this cat on his day off.

            “Go home cat. You aren’t welcome in my yard after what you did on Halloween! Go on back to Pat and Amy, where you belong. I’ll stay in my yard and you stay in yours.” This very cat had lulled Laz into a false sense of security and they had wandered down the neighborhood going from house to house in search of treats and scratches. The cat had waited till Laz wasn’t expecting it, then dropped a jack-o-lantern on his head. It was lit! Laz could have been seriously hurt!

            The cat smiled down at him and said “Aw Laz, that was an accident. I didn’t mean it, really. I just saw I had the opportunity and couldn’t resist. Come on, we’re friends. Don’t be like that. Let me come and play!” The cat stood up again and made as if to jump down into Laz’s yard and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He started barking and lunged for the fence. His bark was a little high pitched for his taste, but what can you do? He pawed at the white fence and kept up the noise until the offensive beast slinked away. When the cat left his sight, he coughed a little and sank back into the sunny dirt. It felt so good that he rolled in it once or twice to cover his white blond fur in it. He huffed his victory and trotted away to enjoy the rest of his lazy day with his humans.